“All Students Access to Great Educators”

All educators should read the “New Initiative to Provide All Students Access to Great Educators”.

“All children are entitled to a high-quality education regardless of their race, zip code or family income. It is critically important that we provide teachers and principals the support they need to help students reach their full potential,” U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said.

We are fortunate to live in a country where we can help others. I have been highly influenced by my elementary, middle school, secondary, and college teachers. We need highly skilled teachers for all levels of education.

Visit: http://www.ed.gov/ (http://www.ed.gov/)


Project-based Learning

Project-based learning is a topic, as an educator, student, or parent, solicits many different viewpoints. Having an interest, I read and reread this particular blog. It was helpful. Read and perhaps you, too, will have a better understanding of project-based learning.

Link: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/project-based-learning-made-easy.bob-lenz

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I really liked this page as it provided many images for social media! Art, social media, and technology, if used wisely, can be enjoyable as learning, communication, and knowledge (seeking, curating, and sharing) as we progress into the 21st century)!

I conclude with the following quotation from “Educational Leadership and Planning for Technology”, Anthony G. Picciano, 2011, 5th edition:

“One fundamental reason for the imbalance (computer acquisition and technical knowledge) is that some of today’s teachers, especially those trained before the early 1990’s and before the proliferation of microcomputers, were not exposed to technology as part of their preservice teacher training programs. As a result, they did not include it as part of their teaching repertoire and have been slow to do so. However, a majority of state education departments have developed and are requiring methods courses in educational technology in their programs!

Confirming the following: if used correctly and for the right reasons: technology is an awesome tool!


Perspectives on the Flipped Classroom

Interested in the flipped classroom, especially where technology can be used, I have started research in this area. Previously, Michael Fullan’s remarks were featured in one of his videos, on my blog. Flipping the classroom is an educational strategy where students are more responsible for their learning, but the teacher still must have classroom control. You, the teacher will still need to use classroom management, but should you like “flipping”, your students will definitely be engaged! As I continue my research, it is leading to other resources. I decided to share the links with you, because of the resources and perspectives. If you read further, you will discover that a “flipped conference” will begin this week! It definitely has perked my interest!

Link: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/tag/flipped-classroom

I have found with the above link, it will sometimes change topics. Go to search and insert your topic of interest. Consequently, I am including some of the topics if you are interested in “flipping”.

1. Classroom Management and the Flipped Classroom
2 Digital Learning Resource Roundup
3. Modifying the Flipped Classroom: The In-class Version