Reflections of “Habits of an Effective Teacher”

I was able to read leisurely “Habits of an Effective Teacher” by Carrie Lam. Needing to be revitalized, it was refreshing to know that Carrie expressed my sentiments!

1. Enjoy Teaching! After all of these years I still do! Being blessed with different role models throughout the years, my role models are folks that make you feel special and treat you with respect even if you come up short.
2. Make a difference! Teaching is a very special craft. I did not say that it is a job. This statement should be remembered and taken seriously!
3. Be Positive! There are days when it is very difficult to maintain a positive attitude! But it can be done! I met two wonderful human beings yesterday. It was so easy to have that attitude around them!
4. Get Personal! In today’s society one has to be very careful. I am grateful that there are students and parents who care that a teacher’s day is going as well as theirs!
5. Give 100%! Yes, there are certainly days when your 100% is not enough…but as one of my mentors informed me…..”Not to worry, it will all come together!”
6. Never give up! Try your best—-that’s all that you can do! Need I say more?
7. Stay organized. Through the years I have really worked at this one! It’s an ongoing task, but workable!
8. Be open-minded! Yes, sometimes you will ask yourselves…”What?” But if I had not, I would have missed many wonderful people and moments!
9. Have standards! Never, never give up on these!
10. Embrace Change! Yes, I know. Some changes are not always good! But you will learn which changes to embrace!
11. Find Inspiration! Fortunately, all of us can do this! Inspiration defeats the bad times in our lives!
12. Create reflections! And so I have…..

As it turned out, “Habits of an Effective Teacher” also reflects an “effective life”!

Carrie Lam, taken from Edutopia, July 2014, thank you!


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