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  • My closing remarks for today is to leave some of the images that I will continue to work on and submit for class next Saturday. You will visually see the images of “twitter”, “wordpress”, and “linkin”. I had never used those medias prior to this class; and now I happily use at least two of them every week. I have even changed my working dissertation to “Using Technology in Performance-Based Projects”. When I started in May of 20l4, there was no chance of me looking forward to technology as an useful tool 24/7, let alone selecting it as part of a possible dissertation. The PKM, as mentioned previously has now influenced my personal and professional lives. Reflection is used more to “seek knowledge”, “curate” organizing and selecting information, and the best part of this class, in “sharing”. The PKM has helped to increase a new energy towards technology. Students will see an “improved” educator as she embarks implementing technology on the very first day of class.

    As United States Senator Mark R. Warner proclaimed with praise “Mark Edwards’ Every Child, Every Day provides real-world testimony to the proposition that the best way to move the American education system forward is to be open to new ideas. Dr. Edwards’ record, as a national technology leader and local superintendent, demonstrates …that at a time when digital technology offers enormous opportunities to revolutionize the access to information and provide more personalized instruction, Dr. Edwards’ Digital Conversion Initiative offers and innovative approach that will help us pivot toward a more modern and relevant educational system.”


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