My Journey with PKM and Technology

Who would have thought that a teacher who had taught in education for over twenty years would encounter a milestone?  Well, readers, this educator  always had a passion for learning and teaching, but continue!  I entered my technology class with little enthusiasm because I believed I started being at a disadvantage. Well, everyone knew more than me! I discovered I had to have an improved outlook!  I quickly discovered that there was much to learn, and I  had to quickly adjust understanding the “ins and outs” of technology.  My goodness!  I have learned so much in this short time of seven weeks!  Introduced to Harold Jaroche, the discovery of PKM images was just the beginning to understand that information could also be a learning personal and professional learning tool !  Working on the online lesson……….Online lessons will long be in my curriculum, past the expiration of this class.  Who would have believed that my district investing in online teaching would lead me to better understand why more students are using this as a learning alternative!  And one of my favorites:  the infographic!  Compared to many, this blogger’s was simple, but it suited the purpose and yes, not only will I create more, but my future students will be able to incorporate infographics in their lessons.  Think about it:  infographics comparing different houses in ancient times; exploring why did people settle in certain regions……Why were people able to become leaders?  What are the commonalities and differences of leaders?  Think ahead…..students could also compare yesterday’s to contemporary leaders?

And I have already admitted, I really have enjoyed the “twittering process”. The professionalism and expertise displayed by other “bloggers” on Twitter as well as my  fellow cohorts have been motivational, educational, and enlightening! 

I am still working on my PKM images.  If anyone ever tells you, “I know it all,” please ask them to speak with me.  I have learned so much that I will readily share and admit to my charges in the fall, “You are never too old to learn”!


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