PBL and Technology!!!!!

As an instructor in the classroom, I have been in an educational environment that started with learning centers.  That is really dating the educational trend at that time.  Always embracing projects that could cause significant learning for students, I was very excited about the collaboration of performance-based learning (PBL) and technology!  Currently, “Eutopia” has released a study about how well AP and PBL works.  “PBL generally scored higher, especially in the area that called for deeper understand, where the knowledge is applied in performance tasks in the exam”.

  • There are emerging educational technologies.  The “2011 Horizon Report identifies 6 new technology disciplines that we will see in the classrooms.  Three are included here:
  • Cloud Computing where both students and educators can collaborate on line.
  • Mobile technology, K-12 schools are increasingly seeing a potential of mobile done.
  • Gaming:  the production of play allows for experimentation, endeavors, and even failures.

This is an exciting time in education as we are experiencing the Information Age collaborating with student learning!

Written by Jo Ann Gillespie, taken from (http://elearnininfographics.com/6-emerging-educational-technologies-:



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