“Journals and diaries are used for reading.  Today’s world, social media has made it possible for social interacting and  accountability.”  How are we trying to use information? (Jarache 2014)  Nigal Paine interviewed Harold Jarache, 16 May 2014 in Australia.  I learned about  Harold Jarache and  his PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) system  from one of my classes at Concordia University at Irvine.   Remembering the years that I routinely did diaries or journals, the writings and reflections were only for my eyes.  If I did not keep up, only I would know.  When we twitter, blog, emails, etc.  or use another kind of social media, words  last forever.  Consequently, accountability and responsibility are necessary since different people will read our words and perhaps have lasting impressions.  Accountability and responsibility may also lead to changes in our everyday and professional lives. (Jarache 2014)

The following are principles that I have tried my best to live by when utilizing social media:

  • Think of the message that you want to convey or what someone will learn.
  • Think of the possibility that the recipient will share your communication.
  • Think of the ever evolving nature of curating when social networking online.

This is a new journey in my life.  These simple principles, in my opinion, will help to develop your own personal knowledge management system in your life!

Link:  www.nigelpaine.com/blog|personal-knowledge-mastery-from-scratch-with-harold-jarche/






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