Michael Fullan, a foremost expert in change systems and innovations aligning education into the 21st century motivated me into researching

Could I use technology effectively with social studies? After viewing this video, I realized that  there’s more opportunities to engage students more than ever. (Fullan,2014) emphasizes that as we go deeper into learning that technology can address the following ” C’s:

  • Critical thinking
  • Common Core
  • Collaboration
  • Character
  • Citizenship

He states that “purposely, technology is used, but how does technology engage”? “How do you have problem solving”?  This expert has an interesting descriptor: “Push and pull.  Students are increasingly bored with the basic curriculum that they are learning in class.  That is “push”.  The “pull”  occurs when students’ learning increase.  That is “pull”.   I agree with Fullan.  I have implemented more technology in my curriculum.  After all, this generation has grown up with technology.  This well-known expert compares the administrators who did not grow up with technology to those who did.   The newer educational administrators easily are more knowledgeable about technology.  Who knows how the schools will be within the next fifty years? (Fullan, 2014)

The next observation is “flipping the classrooms”.  The engaged classroom today is very different than what has occurred previously.  Teachers should have a partnership with students.  The teacher should make learning come alive and students should be engaged in learning!  Any great teacher is the activator and can find the students’ needs on any given day.  This is the new pedagogy, a fundamental partnership in education! (Fullan, 2014)


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